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Spyralle Window Washing - Shabby Wood

Spyralle Window Washing – Shabby Wood

Genre is an event worth discovering, every month. It opens at noon on the 15th.

The location is not always exactly the same, so visit the event blog or find a designer announcement (like Spyralle) inworld to get a landmark to the current location

I’m barely in time. This Urban round of Genre closes in less than two days, but didn’t want to miss showing you my washed and shiny windows, all hung out to dry. They give you a glimpse into Elsewhere, places you can see but never go.

This version is a bit shabby, though clean. I couldn’t do anything about the iridescence of the glass, but you can, if you use the HUD. You can also choose the view: day or night, stormy or clear weather. You can even choose to see right through the windows instead of the magic view of some other place.

In place of these old painted, worn frames, you can choose nice dark stained oak. All original mesh, 100%

Spyralle Window Washing - Dark Oak

Spyralle Window Washing – Dark Oak

A Peek Behind the Curtain: The iridescent effect and several of the “magic” views are generated with pixel plasma logarithms through Ultra Fractal and other software. But you know it wouldn’t be Spyralle without a fractal somewhere! Though this may change as we grow and evolve…

I cannot say when the windows will reappear at Spyralle after this round of Genre closes. Spyralle has run out of room! Clearly, a sale is overdue, and a Sale is coming! Our Annual Sale will happen this month, with a hunt, so watch for news.

In the meantime, our sister store, Infinitum Fabrics has moved to the east side of the same sim (exit Spyralle through the front door and keep walking), and some of the older releases, both clothing and home items, have been moved to the lower level, which will become a discount room for products that are about to retire.

Additional changes are coming to Spyralle in the near future. They will be announced here at some point, but the best way to stay up to date is through the inworld group, Spyralle Studio, or the subscription group. You can join either from the boards inside the front entrance. You’ll need to join Spyralle Studio to pick up the Anniversary gifts during the Sale, so best do it now while it is free. There will be a joining fee when the gifts are out.

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