Spyralle Moravian Star Lamp - Transfer Edition

Spyralle Moravian Star Lamp – Transfer Edition

There were many, many special things to be made for the season, both within the virtual world and without. Writing about the making took a back seat, as usual, to the making itself. But here is an album of some of the event releases from Spyralle. Others will be covered in future posts. Some of these will be available in the main store, at least for a short time.

Spyralle Christmas Tree Lamp

Spyralle Christmas Tree Lamp

Lamps of brass and iridescent glass were our exclusives for Christmas on 34th Street. Everything at 34th Street was transfer/no copy. The lamps turn on or off at a touch and emit a soft glow. A copy version will be in the store through Epiphany, the 12th Day of Christmas.

Spyralle Holiday Wishes Magic Fax Machine

Spyralle Holiday Wishes Magic Fax Machine

Also at Spyralle through Epiphany, you’ll find our special exclusive for the SL Christmas Expo which closed just before Christmas. The sleigh-shaped Victorian-flavored machine spews out particle and prim faxes in your choice of holiday messages, while the crank (not visible from this angle) turns and the lights flash in red, green and white. The fluttering prim faxes are scripted to die in a few seconds.  The thing makes me laugh every time.

The Magical Holiday Wishes Fax is a special holiday themed version of the Time Traveler’s Communication Device which made a debut at the November “Back to the Future” round of Genre.  The papers shown scattered around the machines are for example only, and are not included in the package.

Spyralle Time Traveler's Commuication Device Ad

Spyralle Time Traveler’s Commuication Device Ad

Many thanks to Tai’lahr Winnikow, who crafted the scripts for this machine and the glowing lamps above! Tai kept adding bells and whistles and gave me more ideas than either of us could execute in the holiday rush. We have lots of plans for more cool gadgets.

Spyralle Orrery Clock v2 Large - Christmas - Transfer Edition

Spyralle Orrery Clock v2 Large – Christmas – Transfer Edition

The Orrery Clocks have come in for more tweaking of the mesh over the past year, with new colors, of which two were ready for Twisted Krissmuss. Twisted Krissmuss was a single location this year instead of a store hop, and in my opinion, it rocked.

Orrery Clocks and the related products are based on a series of flame fractals that struck me, when I saw the first one emerge on my screen, as very Steampunk in character. Each color requires painstaking clipping of complex shapes out of multiple base fractals that take at least 4 hours each to render.

Spyralle Orrery Clock v2 Medium - Jewel - Transfer Edition

Spyralle Orrery Clock v2 Medium – Jewel – Transfer Edition

Jewel is probably my favorite color so far. As space permits, there will be copy/no-transfer versions at Spyralle and, I hope, more new colors.

Best wishes to all of you for this merry season, and may you have a happy, creative year to come, full of pretty things, smiles and good music.

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