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Spyralle Silk Road II Male Outfit

Spyralle Silk Road II Male Outfit

Silk Road is a theme I have returned to several times. Burn2 in 2014, an art show back in 2009, and an earlier version of this outfit a couple of years ago.  The original inspiration for all three, directly or indirectly, was a playlist put together by my friend Ktahdn, exploring music traditions along the ancient Silk Road from China to Istanbul.

It was not only the historical significance and cultural richness of that long, forbidding trek that fascinated me but the broader idea of a journey across strange territory – beautiful, dangerous – with the chance of great reward at the end. And yet, the journey itself is vastly enriching – new places seen, new people met, new stories and music heard, new wisdom learned. I am also fascinated by the alchemy of what happens when cultures and artistic traditions meet and mingle at their edges, especially out in those remote times and spaces where no record is left of how it all happened.

Spyralle Silk Road II Female Outfit

Spyralle Silk Road II Female Outfit

It leads me to invent my own cultural meetings and mingling and evolutions in a world of my imagination – a world where Celtic, Haida and Maori art, for example, not to mention Elvish and D’ni – feed into each other. I have touched this imaginary world before, with Owl Moon, Wind Rider, Wave Rider and other creations.

Silk Road II is a reimagining of that earlier outfit, this time created for both female and male avatars, with new meshes, new textures and a HUD for changing the embroidery design. The embroideries are all fractal patterns out of that (now very, very large) “folk art” series I have been making for several years.  The scripting will allow possible expansion packs later.  This release of Silk Road – “Naturals” – is exclusive to Fair Play for January.

Spyralle SnowMoon Group Gift - Female

Spyralle SnowMoon Group Gift – Female

The prototype, SnowMoon, was previewed at the Windlight fashion show at Team Diabetes Winter Showcase, to which I felt very honored to be invited. It is available for a very brief time as a group gift and will never be for sale.

Spyralle SnowMoon Group Gift - Male

Spyralle SnowMoon Group Gift – Male


All photographs taken at Lucienne
Skins: Fallen Gods group gift
Hair: Jared from Wasabi Pills (no bangs), Quiet Waters from Exile (with bangs)
Eyes: IKON
Antlers with candles: Illusions
Antlers with bones and things: Caverna Obscura
Boots: Lassitude & Ennui

Reminder: Many of the items used in my pictures are no longer available. I do not care if they are mesh or seven years old; I use them because they make the look I want for the design of my own that I am illustrating. These are all designers I admire. I encourage you to go seek out their current work.

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