Some Random News and Thoughts

For me, necessity requires a focus on the material world these days, from now (actually last month) until at least the end of June. I have no choice but to cut way back on designing and making for Second Life until then, so Spyralle’s event and hunt presence is going to be rare for a while. I am doing the Steam Hunt, the Twisted Hunt, and probably Fantasy Faire (how could I not?), but that is likely to be all until July.

There are several Spyralle projects still in the pipeline and close to being ready for release. If they coincide with Fair Play or Genre, per timing and theme, I will put them in those events. Otherwise, they will be store releases, probably with a special introductory price for a day or two. Group gifts will appear at random times.

The other work that is coming along in bits and pieces is an update of many older projects, converting things to mesh and making …. Appliers! Spyralle’s wearable art is outside of trends, so I am hoping it will be worth it to update the pre-mesh designs. Quite a few people have asked.  I was not willing to face this task until the Omega system covered most of the mesh bodies out there, but now it does. It’s certainly worth doing if only one applier is needed, so I’m starting to re-release a few outfits with Omega. Gossamer Mardi Gras with Omega went out as a gift to Spyralle Studio members last weekend. It is still in notices AND there is no joining fee right now, so this would be a good time to join the in-world group and grab yourself a very pretty outfit.

I’ve also done appliers for some older Valentine theme dresses. They were initially out at the Secret Wednesday February Yard Sale and will be in the main store sometime on February 11 for 50L each: system layers, flexi skirts, Omega appliers. Another older dress, Yarrow in Grapefruit with Omega, is a gift out at the Free Dove until the 14th. These are only going to be around for a limited time in-world. They’ll go to Marketplace after this.

In the meantime, watch for applier versions of other Spyralle classics. They will have at least Omega and possibly Slink, Maitreya and Belleza appliers. We’re considering Petites versions of everything, too.

The up-side of the forced semi-hiatus is that I am taking classes and working very hard on original rigged meshes, especially more wearables for men, so with any luck, you’ll start seeing those the second half of the year. Project Bento is motivating a new look at the whole wing catalog, most of which were never released, believe it or not. Some of those unreleased designs may finally see the light of day and old wings may reappear – rigged and animated! – as tools become available, so stay tuned!

Final random thought: Wouldn’t it be great if Project Bento leads to facial AOs you can purchase and use for any mesh head? Including one you make yourself from your own unique shape? (It’s not out of reach for anybody with fairly basic Blender and Avastar skills.)  Assuming something like Omega to apply skins, it could mean a major democratization of mesh avatars in SL. I’d go for that.

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