Medieval Times

Spyralle Heart Shaped Hennin

Spyralle Heart Shaped Hennin

Genre’s theme for this round is Medieval. The setting is a jousting arena, and the designs are wonderful. Do go! The event ends on the 11th of the month.

I have always wanted to create one of these headpieces in Real Life, and modeling one in mesh is a different but equivalent challenge. A hennin is any one of several types of ladies’ headdresses worn in the 1400s. It precedes the more widely known and copied Tudor headdress – which I would call Renaissance, but that’s my opinion. Hennins belong to the era in which ladies of the nobility often (but not always) covered their hair completely and even plucked back their hairlines to be smooth and hairless around the edges. I suspect the hair-hiding makes this era somewhat less popular for modern costumed role play! The best known form of the hennin is the steeple hennin, a tall pointed cap with veils. The heart shaped hennin might be worn with veils, but not always.

For the making and wearing, this one is even better than buckram, wire, padding, satin and ribbon and pearls, because I can change the colors with the click of a HUD!

HUD for Spyralle Heart Shaped Hennin (Jewel Colors)

HUD for Spyralle Heart Shaped Hennin (Jewel Colors)

Someone pleaded with me to add a veil, which I did not have time to model in mesh, so I made a flexy one quickly for fun, and that version is in the package.

There are two other color sets.

Spyralle Heart Shaped Hennin - Pastel

Spyralle Heart Shaped Hennin – Pastel

Spyralle Heart Shaped Hennin - Earthen

Spyralle Heart Shaped Hennin – Earthen

Each one has dozens of combinations, so you should be able to coordinate with just about any medieval outfit.

Fractal? Plasma for one of the layers of the velvet. The top photo was taken somewhere in the Fallen Gods Archipelagus, where I take many, many pictures. The skin is Glam Affair, eyes by IKON. The dress is Tarja from Spyralle.

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  1. Marie-Adelaide de Rohan-Chabot says:

    I missed the Genre event and connot find these splendid hennins in the shop. Will they be available later on?

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