Niika, a new gown from Spyralle for April Fair Play

Niika from Spyralle for April Fair Play

Niika has the lines of a Medieval lady’s kirtle, but the pattern on the velvet fabric is anything but traditional.  I repurposed the “Art Deco” fractals to create a formal geometry and complex layerings of color. So Niika belongs to no era and no world except that of Fantasy, where anything goes.

Spyralle Niika Colors

Spyralle Niika Colors

The front-laced velvet gown opens over a coordinating underskirt. There are 8 sizes in the package. Niika is at Fair Play for the April round, which ends tomorrow, unfortunately. Look for her back in Spyralle sometime soon.

This month is Fair Play’s first anniversary, so there are birthday gifts out – free gifts for the taking! Here is a picture of Spyralle’s gift. The oufit on the model is Thornweaver from Spyralle, still available in the store and soon to be updated with appliers.

Spyralle Pearl Antennae - Gold and Emerald

Spyralle Pearl Antennae – Gold and Emerald

We also have an exclusive release in the Fair Play Jewel Gacha – an entertaining new variant on the popular random prize machines.  You pay 25L to any of the large gacha jewels at Fair Play and you get a random prize from one of the designers in the event. There are no uncommons, rares or ultra rares; chances are equal for everything. Here is Spyralle’s Jewel Gacha prize:

Spyralle Emerald Waves Necklace

Spyralle Emerald Waves Necklace


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