In Xanadu

Spyralle Pavilion Lantern for Xanadu

Spyralle Pavilion Lantern for Xanadu

Silk Road Hunt VII ran from June 1 – 30, and it was splendid! Historical Hunts Ltd. does a bang up job of running three great themed hunts every year, with an eclectic mix of creators you are unlikely to find in any other hunt all together and a bundle of imaginative and beautiful prizes. Steam Hunt runs in the spring, Renaissance Hunt in the fall, and Silk Road in the summer.

This year Silk Road adopted the theme of Xanadu, the court of Kublai Khan as envisioned in the famous poem by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, so most of the prizes were Chinese in inspiration. I created a lantern in mesh, one of the most ambitious models I’ve done to date, with a lot of detailed carving.

As a maker of jewelry and wearables, I have been somewhat conservative in use of specular and normal maps.  I would rather not add to avatar rendering cost unnecessarily, and when it’s a tiny thing that can only be seen in detail up close, does it really need three times as many textures?

But it’s different for an item of furniture. I went all out on this lantern. The carved wooden frame is fully modeled around the edges, but the surface carvings and metal inset relief are all normal mapping. The lamp is meant to stand on the floor, but you could also hang it up. It’s 3 LI as rezzed, but it’s very large – the size of a small table. (It was designed for the Khan’s Pleasure Dome, after all!) You can scale it down for lower land impact.

Pavilion Lantern detail

Pavilion Lantern detail

The hunt is over, but a version of the lamp will be for sale at Spyralle in the near future.

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