Spyralle l'Incroyable

Spyralle l’Incroyable

Genre: The New Republics ends tomorrow, alas, and here I am again, blogging at the very last minute. (Group members and subscribers in-world got the word in good time, however!)  The theme is inspired by the era of the American and French Revolutions. Spyralle’s entry is this unisex hat, the bombastic sort of chapeau typically worn by those dandies of the era known as Les Incroyables because their style was the extreme of fashion. It would not have been unusual for both men and women to wear this hat, though it would have raised eyebrows, either way.

L’Incroyable was a complete remeshing of an earlier design made for Art in Hats last year, this time with a tall crown (hidden by the brim in this picture) and a less curly brim, plus the tricolor cockade ornamenting the front.

After Genre closes, look for L’Incroyable in Spyralle’s ‘Over the Top’ in-store hat and headpiece event.

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