Stars in Her Hair, Stars in Her Eyes, David Bowie Memories

Spyralle Starry Crown

Spyralle Starry Crown

Webster’s defines ‘bibelot’ as ‘a small household decorative object’ and a ‘trinket.’ There the slightest shade of amusement, when one speaks of something as a bibelot, a touch of frivolity, and undercurrent of fun.

I adore creating bibelots, and if bibelots can be wearable, this crown is a bibelot. It’s for fun, but it’s more than that. It is for fantasy, roleplay, clubwear, what-have-you — if you want to sparkle, twinkle, bubble over with giggles.

The Starry Crown is Spyralle’s entry in this round of Fantasy Cream, where you can go and shop, vote for your favorite exclusive to have a chance at a big prize, and go on a hunt.

There’s no coincidence if the Starry Crown puts you in mind of another recent Spyralle creation.

Spyralle 'At the Centre of It All' Headpiece

Spyralle ‘At the Centre of It All’ Headpiece

June’s round of Inspiration SL celebrated the life and art of David Bowie. (How we miss him!) As I reflected on Bowie’s life and career, I could not help noticing the recurring theme of Stars. From Ziggy Stardust to Blackstar, they were there — light and dark, metaphors for his music and career.

My salute to Bowie was this mask/headpiece with two identities. It starts in black, honoring his final work, but a touch sends it back to the stardust of earlier days of his career, shining and sparkling.

The title? There is a line in “Blackstar” — “At the centre of it all…your eyes.” The mask draws the focus in to the eyes of the wearer. Your eyes.

I made a black fractal version of the famous lightning face paint for the photo and then thought it would be fun to place that out at the Inspiration event also.

Spyralle 'At the Centre of It All' Headpiece

Spyralle ‘At the Centre of It All’ Tattoo/makeup

All three of these original creations will return to Spyralle’s main store in the near future. We are preparing for a move to our own sim, so please be patient.

Eyes by IKON
Skins by Glam Affair (system skins, which they seem to have given up making, alas…)
Hair in Photo #1: ‘Scribbled Hearts’ by Exile
Hair in Photos #2 and #3: ‘Strider’ by Gauze
Dress in Photo #1: Rajna in green from Spyralle
Tank top: Spyralle (unreleased)

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