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Torch Light

Torch Light is the second new Royal Batik colorway, and this one-of-a-kind outfit is the only design with Torch Light so far. You can bid on this at the Spoonful of Sugar Festival. Torch Light colors may appear in future … Continue reading

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For anyone who has seen me wearing my own designs in public, it is probably no surprise that Morning Dance is my favorite colorway of all the Royal Batiks. It has cheerful, rainbow greens, blues and a touch of purple, … Continue reading

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Tangled Thoughts

Before she passed away, my mother had a series of strokes that stole her ability to communicate. While she could still express herself, she made a comment that her thoughts were all tangled. I have never forgotten that image. My … Continue reading

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Ochre at Genre

As a “maker” rather than a blogger, I tend to put the designing and creating first, and usually the blogging and photo-posting goes to the back of the line until the current round of projects are done – which means … Continue reading

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Endellion Revamped

A long time ago, in SL terms, I was feeling a little bit snarky and rebellious about mesh. I made a dress called Endellion Rebel. It was “system” – damn it! – with a flexy skirt. It took a ton … Continue reading

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Foretelling the future is a chancy business. You might want to keep picking up data from the space-time continuum as you go, so as to keep your predictions on track. Wear this attractive, useful, slightly retro device from Spyralle to … Continue reading

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Renaissance Hunt

A reliquary is a container for a precious relic, usually with religious significance. It might be a piece of a saint’s clothing or even a bone. Reliquaries can be extremely elaborate – miniature shrines. But a reliquary might possibly be used … Continue reading

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