Renaissance Hunt

Spyralle Unicorn Reliquary

Spyralle Unicorn Reliquary

A reliquary is a container for a precious relic, usually with religious significance. It might be a piece of a saint’s clothing or even a bone. Reliquaries can be extremely elaborate – miniature shrines. But a reliquary might possibly be used for something valuable and fantastic or otherworldly.

I am experimenting with small decorative non-furniture builds in mesh.  Usually I make lamps, but lately I have been fascinated with the idea of elaborate containers, researching music boxes, jewelry boxes, Faberge eggs, treasure chests and reliquaries. When I heard that this year’s Renaissance Hunt theme was Myths and Legends of the Renaissance, my very first thought was “reliquary” and “unicorn.” Therefore, we have the Unicorn Reliquary.

There is obviously a story behind it. I don’t know the story. It was probably tragic and mysterious. Someone obtained a unicorn horn, somehow. It was handed down in some family, and along the way, this chest of gold and precious stone was built to hold it, and here it is. You can have it for the finding on this year’s Renaissance Hunt.

Begin your hunt at the annual Renaissance Faire at Mieville, a rustic market filled with little shops and fun things to do. Try to catch a show at the tavern or a dance on the green. Pick up the clue to your first hunt prize. You can see the prizes and get the locations of participating store at the Historical Hunts SL website.

Good luck finding Spyralle’s prize! I’m told it is a little hard to find. There is a hint in the store to help you. Oh, and if you find it, you can open it (do not edit, simply open) and wear the horn inside. Will it turn you into a unicorn? That is not for me to say.

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