Endellion Revamped

Spyralle Endellion dress in Pink

Spyralle Endellion Pink

A long time ago, in SL terms, I was feeling a little bit snarky and rebellious about mesh. I made a dress called Endellion Rebel. It was “system” – damn it! – with a flexy skirt. It took a ton of work, carving up and piecing together and layering and smooshing and color processing some very complex fractal lace and then matching it across that (expletive deleted) mid-body seam – which is probably why I only made one.

Mesh was still in its early days and there was a lot to be snarky about. There still is (hello, jelly doll!), but things have improved much, and we have all learned a lot and come a long way.

Spyralle Endellion dress in Navy-Taupe

Spyralle Endellion Navy-Taupe

Yet, mesh is only one tool, or set of tools, one way of creating content for our grid.  I sincerely believe the old tools still have a lot of value. There are some things they just do better. And simpler.  For instance, skin-tight.

Once upon a time, skin-tight was pretty much all we had to work with. Everything was a leotard, a bodysuit, and we did our best to create the illusion that it wasn’t, with body distortion, shading, painted plywood attachments and faux cloth. For a few kinds of clothing this worked beautifully, but not for most.  Yes, those illusions and work-arounds were worth ditching for mesh.

Spyralle Endellion dress in Purple

Spyralle Endellion Purple

Now, you can make a skin tight mesh, and bless you if you can make it so it fits the mesh body I like to wear, with the sliders where I want them. But how many versions and copies and sizes are you going to make to fit everyone? And who wants all those extra copies in their inventory? And do you really want to narrow it down and shut out all the residents who don’t wear that particular mesh body? Not to mention the many who don’t like mesh bodies at all?

Spyralle Endellion dress in Black

Spyralle Endellion Black

Happily, we have appliers! Appliers can do skin-tight on ALL mesh bodies, just like “system” clothing layers always did on the original mesh bodies, i.e, standard avatars.  But I remember my rebel streak coming back out as mesh bodies multiplied, each one with it’s own proprietary applier system. “This is crazy!” I said, and I wasn’t the only one.

This is why I welcomed the Omega system and support it.  Because you don’t need a lot of extra stuff in your inventory either.

Spyralle Endellion dress in Green

Spyralle Endellion Green

Revamped, presented by Models Giving Back, is the event that invites designers to revisit a previous creation and “renew” it in some way.  When I joined Revamped in August, I knew Endellion was the project I wanted to revamp.  In the years since the Rebel, I had streamlined the work flow for my lace fractals and other fractals, making additional colors far easier to produce without losing the richness of color gradients. Second, applier technology now makes this type of dress accessible to everyone, whether they use a mesh body or not.

Here is the original Endellion Rebel. It was black, because Rebel. And Rebel, herself, was a revamping of a less-well-thought out design for an earlier Fantasy Faire that I think of now as a work in progress. (I’m not including a picture; I’m sure there’s one out there.)

Spyralle's original Endellion Rebel dress - out of the Past

Spyralle Endellion Rebel – out of the Past

I rediscovered something. System clothing is an art form in itself and doggone hard to make. Local textures make it much less expensive, but no less laborious.  Small wonder a lot of designers don’t make system/applier clothes anymore.

Here is Rebel II, out now with the five new colors shown above. A new generation of color, a timeless design – because sexy never goes out of fashion.

Spyralle Endellion Rebel II dress in magenta, orange and purple

Spyralle Endellion Rebel II

I can still be snarky, though, if I feel like it, from time to time.

Revamped Endellion
Body: Maitreya Lara + Kerryth Tarantal personal shape 2016 #4
Hair: Exile ‘Reveling in You’
Eyes: IKON Hope in Denim
Skin: Glam Affair Luna in Jamaica

Original Endellion Rebel
Body: Kerryth Tarantal personal system shape 2013 #3
Hair: Dura #2 for Fashion For Life 2013
Skin: Pulse Kissed Mystery
Feet: N-Core

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