Spyralle Abyss Gown - Rage

Spyralle Abyss Gown – Rage

Lightning both fascinates and terrifies me. It is destructive and dangerous. It is beautiful. The original working title of this design was Lightning, named for the lightning patterns in these fractal images, a visual idea I return to about once a year, trying to create new effects with triangle inequality average and Gaussian integer layers on the very thready places of the Mandelbrot set. I wanted to create something both goth and glam; the lightning images were perfect.

Spyralle Abyss Gown - White-Black

Spyralle Abyss Gown – White-Black

I renamed the gowns Abyss because, as I explored different colors, some of the images began to look more like alien undersea creatures or plants. Also I wanted to use the orange and black version that looks like cracks in lava, based on an earlier image I called “Rage.”

Spyralle Abyss Gown - Ultraviolet

Spyralle Abyss Gown – Ultraviolet

The mood of the design became more subterranean and suboceanic than atmospheric.

Spyralle Abyss Gown - Chlorophyll

Spyralle Abyss Gown – Chlorophyll

It is probably no coincidence that I return to the lightning images in October. Abyss was created as an exclusive for Scare Me Silly, the Halloween fundraising event for the American Diabetes Association presented by Team Diabetes of Second Life.

Spyralle Abyss Gown - Neuron

Spyralle Abyss Gown – Neuron

I am happy to support Team Diabetes whenever I can. More than one member of my family is affected by this serious disease.

Spyralle Abyss Gown - Red-Black

Spyralle Abyss Gown – Red-Black

Abyss was released during my unintentional blog hiatus, but now is a good time to show you this glam goth gown, because Abyss has returned at last to Spyralle. I encourage you to try the demo, which includes all the colors. These photos really don’t do them justice.

Hair: “Take it Slow” from Exile
Skin: Dark Side Roza 01D from Glam Affair
Poses: Di’s Opera

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