Kultivate Spring Fashion Event

Spyralle Murray Hat with Mandala Brooch

Spyralle Murray Hat with Mandala Brooch

Spyralle is honored to be among the designers participating in the Kultivate Magazine Spring Fashion Event. Kultivate puts on great events several times a year, and the organizers are active supporters of diabetes research, a cause I care about very much.  This event is gathering donations for Feed A Smile, a charity that provides nutrition and other services to children in Kenya.

The hat above is a design I have had in the back of my mind for years since I made one very much like it in the material world. This show was a perfect opportunity to finally bring it to life – in bright clear colors of spring! The Murray Hat is our first featured exclusive at the Kultivate Spring Fashion Event. The hat is unisex and modifiable to fit.

Spyralle Mandala Brooch

Spyralle Mandala Brooch

Our second featured exclusive, the Mandala Brooch is also available on its own in case you want to wear it as a piece of jewelry. This is a “statement” piece! I wear it centered. It is unrigged to wear where you like. The version on the hat can be removed but I recommend that you NOT do this. The hat brooch is a different size and has been shaped around the curve of the upturned hat brim, so it is not really wearable alone.

The models and textures are original work by Kerryth Tarantal. The textures incorporate at least four original fractal images by Kerryth, one of which is a subtle plasma layered and filtered into the felt.

More Spyralle exclusives for the Kultivate Spring Fashion Event will be in the next post.

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