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Enter the Victorian Garden

Genre revisits the Victorian era this month, and Spyralle seeks another change of pace. Spring is coming (to many of us)! Why not celebrate the Victorian garden? This modifiable mesh gate is meant to be tucked between two sections of … Continue reading

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Vivian is Spyralle’s exclusive for March SWANK event, celebrating Hollywood Glam. Vivian is loaded with gold or silver sequins and beads and comes in 12 colors (sold separately) and 12 sizes, fitting standard avatars and most popular mesh avatars.  To … Continue reading

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Magic is the theme of March’s round of Totally Top Shelf, and Spyralle makes Magic with this graceful scrying bowl, exclusive to the event. Touch the bowl – mist forms over the water. When it clears a vision become visible … Continue reading

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This Julia type fractal reminded me of broccoli and Lalique.  A floret is one of the small flowers that make up a compound flower, which is what broccoli is. Thus, a new ornamental comb in the Art Nouveau mode! The … Continue reading

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Infinity Lamp

Infinity is the theme of the Spring 2017 Twisted Hunt. Twisted is famously the most fiendishly difficult of grid hunts, with the best free prizes – but you have to work for them. Spyralle is not-so-famously not-so-fiendish at hiding our … Continue reading

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Abandoned Ship

There is a story here. I don’t know what it is. Perhaps you can tell it, or simply set this relic down as an enigma in your garden – or your conservatory, or your oddment room or up on the roof to … Continue reading

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Genre’s February Viking round is on and continuing through March 11. This is the first month of a slightly revised format for Genre. See the Genre blog for more information. One change is that the venue is going to be … Continue reading

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