Spyralle Viking Double Brooch in Silver

Spyralle Viking Double Brooch in Silver

Genre’s February Viking round is on and continuing through March 11. This is the first month of a slightly revised format for Genre. See the Genre blog for more information. One change is that the venue is going to be the same from month to month, which means you don’t need to grab a new landmark every round.

One of the delights of designing for Genre, at least for me, is the opportunity to do some research and put a lot of thought into creating something special for the theme. The challenge of the Viking theme was that these seafarers traded all over the known world and wore ornaments of cultures from Celtic territory to Byzantium and beyond. How do you pin down something that is more authentic to the “home” culture, when so much active cultural exchange was going on?

Spyralle Viking Double Brooch - Gold

Spyralle Viking Double Brooch – Gold

I chose to lean toward the Byzantine end of the style continuum, but this double brooch is a very distinctive Viking ornament, worn by women on the overdress, which was similar to the traditional Russian sarafan, layered over a simple tunic.  A modern interpretation of this piece might include polyclay beads, which you see on Spyralle’s recreation, along with malachite, jasper and other stones.

Genre is absolutely splendid this month, so pay a visit while you still can!

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