Infinity Lamp

Spyralle Infinity Lamp - Twisted Hunt Special Edition

Spyralle Infinity Lamp – Twisted Hunt Special Edition

Infinity is the theme of the Spring 2017 Twisted Hunt. Twisted is famously the most fiendishly difficult of grid hunts, with the best free prizes – but you have to work for them. Spyralle is not-so-famously not-so-fiendish at hiding our prize.  But we do rename half the store the same as the prize cube to make it a little more interesting, plus a few other slightly wicked things. Good luck!

This round, Spyralle’s prize is a tall lamp inspired by “mid century” Scandinavian modern design. The touch switch lets you light the top or the bottom half or both, or turn it off. The prize includes a special edition green lantern that will only be available to hunters and not included in future sales, if any. Scripts by Tai, whose lovely Nebula outfits are for sale behind the stairs. That is NOT a hunt hint.

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