Enter the Victorian Garden

Spyralle Victorian Garden Gate - Light

Spyralle Victorian Garden Gate – Light

Genre revisits the Victorian era this month, and Spyralle seeks another change of pace. Spring is coming (to many of us)! Why not celebrate the Victorian garden?

This modifiable mesh gate is meant to be tucked between two sections of a proper hedge (not included) or fencing. This version reminds us that once those 19th century things were new and bright and shiny. The paint was fresh and metal was polished to a sparkle! Use your advanced lighting module to appreciate the shine of the brass and glow of the marble.

Spyralle Victorian Garden Gate - Dark

Spyralle Victorian Garden Gate – Dark

For those who prefer the more staid, sober atmosphere of Her Majesty’s long mourning years, here is a dark version – not as dark is it could be (and will be!), but sensible granite, oak, wrought iron and rich copper patina, befitting custodians of an Empire.

Spyralle’s Victorian Garden Gates are 50% off at this month’s splendid Victorian Genre round. Try out the examples! Touch to open or light the lamp. Take one home to fittingly greet your guests for tea.

Mesh and textures by Kerryth, scripts by Tai, photos by Lily.

Additional Note: Fencing has been requested, also a double carriage gate! We will not be able to add these at Genre, but we shall provide them at Spyralle some time in the future.

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