Spyralle Starseeker Outfit

Spyralle Starseeker at Fantasy Faire 2017

Spyralle presents Starseeker, a new outfit in mixed modes, premiering at Fantasy Faire 2017. The first Starseeker ensemble is designated LP0603 after the archive number of the primary fractal used in creation of the textures.

This special edition set for Fantasy Faire includes original mesh head and arm pieces with particle effects, system/applier layers, a face tattoo, particle emitters for the hands, flex drapes that can be attached in many possible configurations and an exclusive suite of nebula attachments from Tai’Dyed. All proceeds from the sale of LP0603 are donated to Relay for life.

Spyralle Starseeker LP0603 Costume with Nebula Suite

Spyralle Starseeker LP0603 Costume with Nebula Suite

Starseeker is a collaboration between Spyralle’s principle designer Kerryth Tarantal, who created the original mesh, textures and costume drapes, and Tai’Dyed designer Tailahr Winnikow, who created the particle effects and the suite of Nebula attachments.

Starseeker Nebula from Tai'Dyed

Starseeker Nebula from Tai’Dyed

Additional coordinating Nebula sets are also available separately at the Faire.

For those who prefer to wear only the mesh attachments, these can also be purchased as a separate set without the applier/system layers, the drapes or the Nebula suite

Spyralle Starseeker LP0603 Head & Armpieces

Spyralle Starseeker LP0603 Head & Arm pieces

Additional colors of Starseeker are on the way and expected to be released at Fantasy Faire on Thursday, April 27.

Starseeker textures began with a rippled fractal pattern masking a different colored fractal for each color set of the costume. These masked patterns are layered over hand painted nebulae and finished with a hand painted starfield. Specific inspirations for Starseeker include HST images of the Doradus and Crab nebulae and the 2009 collision of comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 with the planet Jupiter. The individual elements of the mesh are stylized comets with tails shaped to echo the rippled effect of the fractal mask.

April is Astronomy Month. April 24 is the 27th anniversary of the launch of the Hubble Space Telescope from the NASA shuttle Discovery.  April 29 is International Astronomy Day.

The model wears a Lara mesh body from Maitreya with a personal shape, Glam Affair’s Emma skin in Jamaica, Shattered – Dream eyes from Dead Apples and Vanessa hair from Wasabi Pills. Poses from Di’s Opera.

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