The Omega Gate of Dawn

Spyralle Omega Dawn Gate

Spyralle Omega Dawn Gate

More inspiration from designer Kerryth Tarantal’s spring semester Intro to Astronomy class – this elaborate gate for your garden suggests telescope apertures, the “pillars of heaven” nebula pictures from the Hubble Space Telescope, and mystical portals to other worlds.

Powered by Tai’s magical scripts, the Gate arrives as a dark, almost ruined skeleton. A touch summons the light and banishes the darkness as the portal opens

Spyralle Omega Dawn Gate - dark phase

Spyralle Omega Dawn Gate – dark phase

Spyralle’s Omega Dawn Gate waits for you at Fantasy Faire 2017, where your purchase provides a 100% donation to Relay for Life. See the working model in the demo area (teleporter in the store)

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