Starseeker II

Starseeker OF1615 costume (Orange Flame)

Starseeker OF1615 (Orange Flame)

Four more colors of Spyralle’s Starseeker costume were released for the latter half of Fantasy Faire.

Starseeker TQ0802 costume (Turquoise)

Starseeker TQ0802

All of the Starseekers will be available at Spyralle soon. The Tai’Dyed Nebulas will be out as well.

Starseeker NG1703 costume (Neon Green)

Starseeker NG1703

The headpiece/armpiece/hand glitter sets will be available separately or as part of the full outfit. Matching Nebula sets from Tai’Dyed were included at Fantasy Faire and may also be in the package at Spyralle. The coordinating and scripted Nebulas will be separate.

Starseeker RG2402 (Rose Gold)

Starseeker RG2402 (Rose Gold)

A version for Petites has been requested – we are working on that.

For credits, please see the original Starseeker post. Additional poses by NanTra.

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