Face InterFace

Spyralle Face Inter Face Headpiece

Spyralle Face Inter Face Headpiece

Face InterFace, the newest design in Spyralle’s long running theme of technology as (usually whimsical) jewelry, is our exclusive for the May round of Genre. Theme: Science Fiction – or, perhaps more accurately nuanced, Sci-Fi. And, yes, there is a difference. The latter has, maybe, a bit more room for fun.

The idea is a wearable device – some futuristic amalgam of phone, tablet, enhanced reality interface – that also displays a “face” to the world. A tool of self-expression as well as interactivity and connection.

Spyralle Face InterFace - a small sample of the options

Spyralle Face InterFace – a small sample of the options

The controlling HUD – which attaches literally in your face (and also shows up on the inside of the screen facing the avatar) – gives a choice of five frame colors, six light colors (also an on/off switch for brightness), framed and unframed eye lenses in four colors and a selection of “faces” on the outside screen. More of the options are shown below.

Lens options with light-node color options

Lens options with light-node color options

Screen options

Screen options

There is a demo at Genre so you can try all the options. The scripting allows for future expansion modules.

Only the most observant of long time Spyralle fans may recognize the echoes of Spyralle’s very first Genre creation in this piece. Revisiting those ideas was a major part of the fun I had making this.

Genre is one of those events that encourage both intentional designing toward a set theme and a true diversity of approaches to it – a most welcome attitude in what sometimes seems a vast sea of sameness. For the designer, this poses a pair of challenges that may be in some tension with each other: being thoughtful about the theme as a basis for the design and yet looking for an idea just offbeat enough that nobody else in the event is likely to do something similar enough to dilute interest. The balance point falls differently for every designer, every month, and the chemistry of Genre’s team of creators keeps this event exciting to see and rewarding to engage in. This month’s sci-fi round is no exception!

The model wears “Attention!” – a dress released by Songbird at A Clockwork Spiral 2014, a vintage skin from Curio called The Visitor, a shaved hairbase from Wasabi Pills, IKON eyes and a personal shape.

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