Spyralle Mosaic Gazebo

Spyralle Mosaic Gazebo

The Silk Road Hunt, presented by Historical Hunts Ltd., is on for the month of June. This year’s theme is Byzantium, the city also known as Constantinople and Istanbul – the traditional western terminus of the fabled Silk Road.

Themed events and hunts always send us on a research quest (one of the reasons we like them), and this time it was architecture that caught our fancy. We created this gazebo with a dome supported by a structure called a ‘pendentive’ in each of the four corners. Pendentives are a common, characteristic feature of Byzantine architecture.

Basically, a pendentive is what you get when  you support a dome with another dome that is sliced off on the four sides to make the base square. It is one of the ways to create a round dome on a square base. The curved triangles left of the lower dome are the pendentives.

Enjoy this pendentive dome hunt prize from Spyralle until  the end of June!

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