Summer and Betty

Spyralle Betty Bloomer in Red

Spyralle Betty Bloomer in Red

Spyralle Betty Bloomer suits are still out at the summer round of Inspiration SL, price reduced – and there is a gift from us!

This round’s inspiration is Betty Boop, cartoon icon of 80 years past. Betty Boop was a carefree 1920s flapper trying to carry on in the less carefree 1930s, until Hollywood brought in the Hayes Code and banned the suggestive humor of Betty’s heyday. Spyralle’s bloomer playsuits suggest the balance of innocence and naughtiness – at least these would have been a bit naughty in the 1920s! – that was so much a part of Betty Boop’s enduring charm.

Spyralle Betty Bloomer in Black

Spyralle Betty Bloomer in Black

For Spyralle, summer turned out to be a vacation of sorts from SL. Between travel, family events, a home remodel (still in progress) and some actual Vacation, I was not in world more than the absolute minimum. Luckily, Spyralle is becoming a team these days, and I’m most grateful to Tai for helping to hold it together. This store blog fell rather by the wayside, as it tends to do when time is scarce. There is some catching up to do!

Spyralle Betty Bloomer in Blue

Spyralle Betty Bloomer in Blue

The time away offered an opportunity to do some thinking about future direction for the store and the designer.  Spyralle has always been a labor of love, slipped in around the edges of a busy “real” life, and done for the joy of creating. But it was in danger of becoming merely labor in service of income that is, in my fortunate case, superfluous and far less valuable than my time.  Time is too precious to spend on things that bring stress and kill delight. Not everyone has the luxury of choice in these matters, but I do. So I chose to change some things.

Simplification, first. We dropped some events and turned down quite a few more. We’re going to stick with the ones that are fun and encourage real imagination and creativity – AND connect us to people we enjoy working with. If they do some good in the world, that’s a plus.

Product. I’m going to make what I have fun making. That means more projects that fall into what SL calls “Home and Garden” (not my choice of descriptions – and I Resist categorization whenever I can – but it’s a term that can be used without explanation), plus, I hope, small buildings. This shift has been happening for well over a year. You may have noticed the trend in our event exclusives and hunt prizes.

It truly came into focus at last year’s Burn2 event.  The most fun I had all year was making the bits of architecture for Da Vinci’s Toy Chest, my Burn2 build, and working with Tai’lahr to create the toys.  Our collaboration continues. I do mesh and textures; she makes magic with scripts. We have so many ideas! Some of them may be simple and silly, but they’re fun, and people seem to like them.

Spyralle is not abandoning wearables, but the balance is shifting away from clothes.  You’ll see fewer garments and more jewelry and headpieces and mesh accessories. Though less frequent, mesh clothes and system/applier clothes won’t go away. They’ll still feature our customary fractal-derived textures because our fans like us for that.  And because they’re different. And I like being different.  Cheers!

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