Rum, Ahoy!

Spyralle Bottles o' Rum

Spyralle Bottles o’ Rum

Here is Spyralle’s prize for the Skull-n-Bones Hunt! It’ll cost you a couple of lindens if you find it, and well worth it. Talk Like a Pirate day be comin’ up soon! Your chest of rum is cleverly hidden at Spyralle’s main store. Touch the hunt kiosk on the wall for information on all the participating designers.

Original mesh bottles carefully textured with transparency and specular shine make these a handsome addition to table or cabinet, on ship or shore.

And labels! This was fun! Our favorite is the Kraken Gold. It’s the perfect accompaniment to the grilled kraken down by the beach at California Dreamin’, Mieville’s summer event. Spyralle’s California Dreamin’ shop is conveniently nearby. Release the Kraken! Arrrr!

Grilled kraken at California Dreamin', Mieville Shelley

Grilled kraken at California Dreamin’, Mieville Shelley

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