Eyes and Tentacles

The Watcher is watching...

The Watcher is watching…

I was traveling and did not get a post done for the Lovecraft Festival during the event, which is unfortunate because it turned out to be one of the most enjoyable events of the summer and one I totally enjoyed creating for.

The Watcher Beacon, our exclusive new release for LoveFest, was planned from the start as a companion piece to the Shore Beacon created for the Sea Faring round of Genre in July. Both are based on spirals formulated with the exact same math, one applied to the surface of the tower and this one forming the tower itself in the form of rusty tentacles. Instead of a civilized light, this beacon has a rotating Eye with a tentacle-tail, and instead of flashing on and off, this one … blinks! A rusty eyelid covers it briefly at random times – another bit of magic from Tai. The owner can change to any one of 9 eyes with the HUD provided.

Spyralle Watcher Beacon

Spyralle Watcher Beacon

We found ourselves slightly entranced by scary eyes, so we made a whole series of jewelry for a new gacha at the festival…

Spyralle Eye2Eye Jewelry Gacha

Spyralle Eye2Eye Jewelry Gacha

One set prize, the purple full set, is the ultrarare. The fiery orange eyes, separately, are the rares, and a few uncommons are mixed among the remaining pieces. Believe it or not, the spookiest one may be the more or less “normal” blue eye. It lends a surrealist air to the jewelry that is both 20th Century Dada and disturbingly Lovecraftian.

Both the beacon and the gacha will return to Spyralle in the near future, well in time for Halloween. We can’t promise the same for the two gifts we had at LoveFest.

Spyralle Deep Night Window Gift

Spyralle Deep Night Window Gift

Does it look into an underwater abyss or Deep Space? Spyralle’s Deep Night Window  wall decoration was our prize for the hunt in the underwater mystery adventure at LoveFest. I’m hanging one in my garden for October.

Spyralle Eye of the Watcher

Spyralle Eye of the Watcher

The little bauble shown above was our shop gift at LoveFest. Wear your Enlightenment. Such fun! It may reappear at Spyralle later.  Hair by Emo-tions. The goth skin, a gorgeous classic from Tuli, is long unavailable, as is the lace neckpiece from much-missed Pixel Dolls. The jacket is unreleased Spyralle.

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