Renaissance Fair 2017

Spyralle Persian Lamps at the Renaissance Fair 2017

Spyralle Persian Lamps at the Renaissance Fair 2017

Mieville’s annual Renaissance Faire has commenced, with music, dancing, games and artisan shops and booths in a brand new setting.  Spyralle brings a cluster of new lanterns in the Persian style to our tent in the marketplace, just across the stream from a lovely grove of trees in their fall colours.

Spyralle Persian Lamps Special

Spyralle Persian Lamps Special

There are 12 new designs altogether, at a special Fair price. Come visit our booth for these and other pretty things.

And the hunts!

The Renaissance Hunt VII is also running through the month of September. You can begin the hunt at the landing location at the Fair, then follow the landmarks to each participating store.

Spyralle Elizabethan Ruffs Set

Spyralle Elizabethan Ruffs Set – Renaissance Hunt Prize

Spyralle’s hunt gift is a pair of starched neck ruffs in fine linen, one with a narrow lace edging, suitable for modest everyday wear for both Lords and Ladies.

We also have a small gift in the mini-hunt on the fairground…

Spyralle Tavern Wine Jug

Spyralle Tavern Wine Jug – Renaissance Fair Mini-Hunt


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