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Spyralle Sylvia - October

Spyralle Sylvia – October

Leaves are turning all colors where I live. The maples are going off like fireworks.  It’s one grand celebration before everything goes quiet for winter.

Last year I took dozens of pictures of individual leaves, with this dress in mind. Sylvia adds a sweeping skirt of silken leaves to a brass studded leather bodice – a gesture to your urban Seelie’s sylvan roots.

Spyralle Sylvia - Maple Sugar

Spyralle Sylvia – Maple Sugar

Sylvia is Spyralle’s exclusive for the autumn Spoonful of Sugar festival, now running. Spoonful of Sugar (SOS) is a big semi-annual event in SL, raising money to support Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), also known as Doctors Without Borders, an international humanitarian organization that provides medical aid to war-torn and developing countries. Spyralle has been a supporter and participant in SOS since it began a year ago.

Maple Sugar Sylvia is a special edition with all proceeds going to MSF. The yellow leaves tinged with red are my favorites. You can see them on October, too.

Spyralle Sylvia - November

Spyralle Sylvia – November

November Sylvia is also a 100% donation to MSF at Spoonful of Sugar. The other colors are providing a 50% donation.

Spyralle Sylvia - September

Spyralle Sylvia – September

I do like the fiery red and orange maple leaves, but I also love the blaze-yellow ones, especially the ones that still have some green. They look like scraps of sunshine on the grass.

Spyralle Sylvia - Frost

Spyralle Sylvia – Frost

There is also something visually intriguing about what happens to the autumn landscape as the fire colors and summer green fade away to soft browns and tans and greys. We crunch the faded leaves piled among the trees when we walk in the bare woods of late autumn.

Spyralle Sylvia - Blue Moon

Spyralle Sylvia – Blue Moon

And then we begin to imagine the palette of winter nights – purple shadows on snow and the leaves of summer cased in ice, under the moon.


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