Eagle of the Snows – Genre Winter Fantasy Finale

Eagle of the Snows from Spyralle

Eagle of the Snows from Spyralle

News came in November, and it nearly broke my heart. December would be the final round of Genre after five years. I cannot think of any other “event” in Second Life that has drawn me to reach so far and learn so much.  It was an enchanted winding stair. But now I have wings. Thank you.

Spyralle Eagle of the Snows Headpiece without frontal

Spyralle Eagle of the Snows Headpiece without frontal

Eagle of the Snows entered my imagination long ago, and I was holding it for the right occasion. What could be better than this? The theme of Genre’s finale flight is Winter Fantasy Roleplay.  It didn’t specify which fantasy setting, so I offer another piece of my own fantasy world. You’ve seen glimpses of it before, and you will again.

The headpiece includes a detachable frontal piece, a miniature stylized eagle mask that fits over the jeweled headband. The optional frontal piece is modifiable; the headpiece can be resized through the HUD. The HUD offers three gem colors for the headband and three enamel patterns for the side pieces – and it is open to expansion later. Not to mention other eagles…

Spyralle Eagle of the Snows

Spyralle Eagle of the Snows

This eagle flies with my favorite winter color palette – that early evening moonlight-on-snow glow of white and silver shading into greys, blues and purples, with maybe a touch of turquoise or a flash of flame-gold or sunset-red. Many favorite fractal patterns have gone into the design also.

Eagle of the Snows will be half price at Genre until January 10.  A warrior would look good in this. Yes, it is unisex.

Happy New Year!

Worn with Eagle of the Snows: Siiri hair from EMO-tions, my top favorite for wearing with the Big Headpieces. A classic skin from Curio – probably Jewel – on the classic avatar with a personal shape. (I won’t abandon the originals. They still look good and work just fine for many things, though if I could have this face on a bento head I would be in heaven.) Silk Road Tunic from Spyralle – this version was a group gift that will return briefly for members in the next week or so. Coal Eyes from Fallen Gods.


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