The Archer

Spyralle 'The Archer' Hat

Spyralle ‘The Archer’ Hat

In all worlds, material and virtual, I am a fan of hats. Not just hats – hoods, headpieces, masks, large clunky earrings, scarves – you may see a theme going here. Just about the only thing-worn-on-head I do not like much is those warm knitted winter hats that squash one’s hair into the condition known as “hat hair”. I mean, I like being warm; I don’t like emerging with every strand of hair plastered to my skull as if I’ve been underwater!

But Spring is Coming! It’s prime Hat Season, and I loved making this hat for you! You will find it exclusively at this month’s round of 68 Main. The theme is “Love is a Battlefield” and I envisioned this hat as reference to Cupid’s arrows, plus a tiny suggestion of the classic “Robin Hood” hat, more noticeable in the side view. Note the embossed silver “quiver” pinned to the band, holding the plumes!

This version comes in a selection of Valentine colors, but they are both basic and sophisticated in their own right, and you can mix and match them with the HUD.

Every part of this creation is original. The hat body is covered with a silk damask fabric and trimmed with grosgrain ribbon, textures especially created for each color, not simply tinted. The carved plumes are likewise created separately for each color. Turn on Advanced Lighting to see The Archer at its best.

At 68 Main, you can also find a simple white version, unscripted and modifiable, suitable for tinting. This is specially priced for wedding parties and will only be available at the event. Later in the spring we will release some color expansions to give you more options for the HUD version.

Spyralle 'The Archer' Tintable Wedding Version

Spyralle ‘The Archer’ Tintable Wedding Version

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