Spyralle Icon Halo Gacha

Spyralle Icon Halo Gacha

New at the Medieval Fantasy Faire ‘Land of Dream’ event is Spyralle’s latest gacha, the Icon Halo. The event has been extended through March 25, so you really should go! The animal orchestra at the landing point, with alligator ballerinas is worth teleporting in, all by itself. And then, if you proceed along the winding road and down into the valley, you’re going to encounter a wealth of wonder from dozens of fantasy designers.

Spyralle’s inspiration for our new halo gacha came from Byzantine art, from medieval paintings and icons.  In these artistic styles, the halo almost always presents as a circular glow, no matter the direction the figure is facing – and so does our shimmering halo! It is a particle system centered on an invisible prim, so you will have to attach and detach it from inventory.

There are three styles in the set, increasing in complexity and size from Common to Rare. Each texture is original fractal art by Kerryth.

You may not be a saint or angel, but you can look like one!

The model is wearing Spyralle’s Esyld gown in blue, the Lara mesh body from Maitreya, Elikatira’s Lalora hair, skin by Glam Affair (no longer available), and a personal shape.

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