Fantasy Faire – A Timeless Folly

Spyralle Timeless Folly - tall gazebo

Spyralle Timeless Folly

Here is a dream of a memory of another time in the lost age of Sanoria at Fantasy Faire! This is what they might have built in their day, those vanished people. Pursue the Quest of the Ancients on Sanoria for enlightenment … or further mystery.

Fantasy Faire will remain open to shopping and Questing until the 7th of May!  This is an enormous gift to those of us who have not yet had time between program activities and physical world commitments to really enjoy the Faire. The official program ends today, but the sims and shops and quests will remain to encourage you to donate generously to Relay for Life. As of Sunday, 29 April, the Faire has raised almost 9 million lindens. The extension was awarded by the Lindens who were jailed  earlier in the week, in thanks for the donations that bailed them out. And thank you, if you have contributed!

Returning to our regularly scheduled program, the Folly is Spyralle’s second new original build for Fantasy Faire, all proceeds donated to RFL. A folly is defined as “an ornamental building with no practical purpose” – perhaps you could call this one a tall gazebo! A folly is just the sort of feature you might find in the extensive gardens of an English estate in the Victorian era.

Spyralle’s Fantasy Faire folly is built of several kinds of marble, bronze, steel and stained glass. It coordinates with our Dawn Timepiece.

Spyralle also offers a gift for those who complete the 2018 Fairelands Quest. In order to follow the Quest, you need to purchase a HUD. Look for the kiosks on each sim near the landing point. Spyralle’s Periwinkle Wall Lamp, a completely original creation in mesh, features a new fractal by Kerryth on the glass shade.

Spyralle Periwinkle Wall Lamp - Fantasy Faire Quest Gift 2018

Spyralle Periwinkle Wall Lamp – Fantasy Faire Quest Gift 2018

Fantasy Faire is not folly – though it does contain a due amount of whimsy and foolery – and beauty and wonder and camaraderie and joy. Fantasy Faire is a collection of magical worlds and moments built by a caring team of hundreds of creative people from all over the world. We all share one goal: ending the suffering caused by cancer. To learn more about the Faire, Relay for Life, and this year’s special Fantasy Faire project, please use the link above to visit their website and blog, and join us from now through  7 May!

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