Fantastic Beasts

Spyralle Gryphon Mask - Gold

Spyralle Gryphon Mask – Gold

Spyralle’s Gryphon Mask was introduced in 2017 in one of the late rounds of Genre, but for some forgotten reason I did not get around to blogging about them. After the event, the masks were held for the opening of the new store and Fantasy Faire. Now you can find them in both venues!

Spyralle Gryphon Mask - Blue

Spyralle Gryphon Mask – Blue

The masks are currently out in five colors, all featuring new original fractal patterns from the same series that provided the colorful Owl Moon patterns. (Speaking of Owl Moon, all the dresses are upstairs at Spyralle Park Place and permanently discounted far below the original price. Time to complete your collection!)

Spyralle Gryphon Mask - Purple

Spyralle Gryphon Mask – Purple

I love the way the fractal suggests nostrils on the beak and little feathers at the top of the beak! Each of the mesh feathers was separately textured by cutting, reflecting and manipulating a small section of the fractal – done separately for each color.

Spyralle Gryphon Mask - Red

Spyralle Gryphon Mask – Red

The masks are as suitable for Dragons as for Gryphons. Fantastical Beasts, both of them.This red one is a bit more dragon-like and would work well at a goth masquerade ball. A black one has been requested to form a pair with the red one, but I have not had time to tackle those feathers yet. We’re aiming toward having it ready by Samhain.

The masks are unisex, of course, and can be resized using your Edit window.

Spyralle Gryphon Mask - Green

Spyralle Gryphon Mask – Green

Worn with the masks, Kerryth’s basic custom personal shape (often bald by choice, the better to be fierce) with skin, eyes and layered tattoos from Fallen Gods. The skin and eyes are from one of the Materica avatars – Marie Rouille; the tattoos are Legend Flame under Pi Gold. We await “bakes on mesh” with great eagerness.

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