Time and Time Again

Spyralle Ageless Timepiece - Ocean

Spyralle Ageless Timepiece – Ocean

In case you have not heard, Fantasy Faire is open until 7 May! Official programming is over, but you can still shop, Quest and explore.

Spyralle is making good use of the time by releasing at least one more edition of the Ageless Timepiece in our shop in Sanoria at Fantasy Faire. This one is called “Ocean”, with an aqueous color palette and lots of rust. The rotating disks with amber lights look amazing at night and under water!

Like the earlier Timepieces, Ocean required a new set of textures – I think there are 19 in the object, maybe more – of which I did re-use one (the least visible) for Ocean. New textures and new fractals for the appearing and disappearing screen make production of each Timepiece a slow process. At least two more are in the pipeline. Yes, a goth one, too. Have patience.


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