Hidden Treasures and Simple Pleasures

Spyralle Jun Porcelain Teapot and Teacup

Spyralle Jun Porcelain Teapot and Teacup

To my regret, I’ve fallen behind on the Spyralle blog, and not for the first time! We had a couple of hunts this month, and I quite overlooked posting about the gifts from Spyralle.

The World Tour Hunt is one of the beautifully managed hunts presented by Kastle & Co. Events throughout the year.  The hunt provides separate hunt trails for each continent – hunters can choose to do one or all. Prizes cost 2 lindens. Spyralle is on the Asia path this year, which allowed me an opportunity to pursue further research into the arts of Asia, a topic which has always fascinated me.

I had been following the PBS “Story of China” and was especially interested in Episode 3, covering the “golden age” of the Song Dynasty, so, as a fan and collector of modern pottery, I started looking up Chinese poetry of that era, and found Jun ware. Jun was one of the “Five Great Kilns of Song Dynasty ceramics,” active for several centuries, into the Ming era – roughly the 10th through 15th centuries. Jun ware was prized for its characteristic blue and purple glazes.

What struck me about this pottery is how modern it looks! Some of it is 1000 years old, and yet it would look completely at home in a craft fair or art gallery gift shop of our time.

So, of course, I had to try my hand at crafting – in mesh – some Jun simulations. I made this simple drinking cup and then a small teapot, just big enough for a pair of scholars sharing an afternoon cup of tea and composing poems in some mountain retreat.  Or friends listening to music near the waterfalls of Spyralle Mauna Waipi’o, sharing a quiet sunrise.

But the greatest challenge and most interesting part of the task was trying to emulate a Jun style glaze in the textures – with the color variations, the deep indigo hues, the small details of ash spots and crackle. Consider these pieces a first generation effort!

The World Tour Hunt ended May 27, but I will leave the prize up for a few more days.

Spyralle Set of 3 Patio Lanterns

Spyralle Set of 3 Patio Lanterns

When the sun goes down, there on the mountainside, our scholars might light a candle or two and protect the flames from the breeze with one of these filigree lanterns. Or you can place them on tables to light your next patio supper or summer barbecue.

The set of three candle lanterns is Spyralle’s prize for the Peace By Peace Hunt 2, which runs through June 3.  Prizes are 1L in this hunt.

Please seek out the hunt kiosks near the entrance to Spyralle Mauna Waipi’o for hints and more information. And watch for more Spyralle releases bringing the poetry of craftsmanship to your home.


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