Abstract Dazzle

Spyralle De Stijl - Mondrian Inspiration

Spyralle De Stijl – Mondrian Inspiration

This month Spyralle is participating in the second anniversary round of Dazzle. The theme is abstract art, in particular, “Mondrian and his Amazing Palette.” The event runs through 25 August, 2018.

Piet Mondrian (1872-1944) was a founding member of De Stijl, one of the modern art movements of the 20th Century – revolutionary in its time.  The goal of De Stijl was a kind of “pure” aesthetic beauty, harmony and rhythm, limited to straight vertical and horizontal lines, primary and monochrome colors.

Design inspired by Mondrian’s art crops up every few years, creating new interest in this artist and bringing his work back into the popular consciousness. One of the most famous of these revivals was the Mondrian craze inspired by Yves Saint Laurent’s Mondrian dresses of 1965.

Spyralle's De Stijl Neckpiece  (back view)

Spyralle’s De Stijl Neckpiece (back view)

Spyralle artist Kerryth Tarantal created a new original neckpiece inspired by Mondrian’s grid based paintings of the 1920s, his best known work. Severely rectangular resin panels bounded by black graphite bars are hinged with silver pins to drape over the upper body. The two large pendants are connected with flexible black cords joined at the shoulder with resin and graphite clasps echoing the pendant panels.

A color change HUD is provided allowing the wearer to change groups of panels to a different primary color or white. Some of the panels are always white. The small squares in the bead finials can be changed to any of the four colors or black.

Spyralle is also offering a gift set of Mondrian-inspired earrings at the Dazzle event.

Spyralle De Stijl Earrings Blue - Gift for Dazzle August

Spyralle De Stijl Earrings Blue – Gift for Dazzle August

The model wears hair by tram – F603 in Jet Black, Lara body from Maitreya, Cherry bento head from LAQ with LAQ Poppy skin, IKON ‘Sunrise’ eyes in Egyptian Blue, and a personal shape.

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