Unspeakable Ooze

Spyralle Ceiling Tentacles - ichor

Spyralle Ceiling Tentacles – Ichor

This year’s Lovecraft Festival has been extended through September 2, which means I am just barely in time to write about it instead of too late. If you haven’t gone, I urge you to find the time, especially now that it is so much less laggy than the first week. Arik Metzger and his crew have done an incredible job of creating an event with creepy 1930s atmosphere, mystery and a thousand incredible details, not to mention a sense of fun. You don’t have to be a fan of H.P. Lovecraft to enjoy the experience.

Spyralle Ceiling Tentacles - Darkness

Spyralle Ceiling Tentacles – Darkness

Spyralle’s new original exclusive for LoveFest will give you nightmares … or giggles. A cluster of slimy tentacles have burst through the ceiling, attempting to enter our reality from some alternate dimension of horror. The tentacles drip a nameless substance onto the floor, forming puddles of, yes, unspeakable ooze, accompanied by dripping, trickling sounds.  Working demos festoon Spyralle’s shop at the Festival. You’ll want to avoid standing under them…

Spyralle Ceiling Tentacles - Alien

Spyralle Ceiling Tentacles – Alien

The Ceiling Tentacles need to be positioned against a flat ceiling – complete instructions are included. They begin dripping after a few minutes and then drip at random times. Thanks to Tailahr Winnikow’s clever scripting, the puddles appear on the floor no matter how high the ceiling. After a bunch of drips finish falling, the puddles fade. The package also includes an unscripted version (Land Impact 1) that can be used just for decoration – no special effects, no sound.

Spyralle Ceiling Tentacles - Blood

Spyralle Ceiling Tentacles – Blood

The event price at LoveFest is 20% off. These will make a great Halloween decoration!

Spyralle is also participating in the event quest or hunt. You can pick up information about the hunt at the entry point, where you can also find a hand schedule of festival events. Here is our hunt prize…

Spyralle 'Will's Hand Carved Driftwood Candlesticks'

Spyralle ‘Will’s Hand Carved Driftwood Candlesticks’

Will lives in that little shack down by the shore, you know, and the man could tell some stories – stuff that would curl your hair. He hasn’t been around for a while. Nobody knows where he went…

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