Light in the Garden

Spyralle 4 Season Garden Lantern with Bonus Carnival Colors

Spyralle 4 Season Garden Lantern with Bonus Carnival Colors

Long ago, I created a double tetrahedron lantern out of prims, textured with a swirly spiral from the Mandelbrot set, made silky with triangle inequality average coloring. It may have been for a build at Burning Life (Burn2) – I don’t remember. Over time, I made several others and ended up with this set of four named after the seasons. They spent their time at Spyralle and departed at the Dawn of Mesh. Until then, they were one of our most popular products, so I always hoped to bring them back in mesh, and now, finally, here they are.

Spyralle’s NEW lower land impact all mesh Garden Lanterns now come with light and the sparkly particles that were added along the way – and they now offer a menu to let you turn the light and particles on and off separately!

Also we are delighted to bring you a Four Season Version you can change with a HUD. A bonus Carnival option is included! For the convenience of property owners who want to set out multiple lanterns, we also offer a version that lets you change all rezzed lanterns at the same time. This version includes the “short range” HUD to give you the option of changing only nearby lanterns.

The Garden Lanterns are also available separately.  See them all at our Mauna Waipi’o store.

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