Small Inferno

Spyralle Chaos Candle

Spyralle Chaos Candle

Is it an old tree stump? Is it a mushroom? Is it a candle? Created from scratch for the Fall 2018 Twisted Hunt, Spyralle presents the Chaos Candle, providing dubious light from a small forest of wicks with hints of deeper, hotter fires within.

The Chaos Candle has no direct inspiration, but it does put us in mind of some rather interesting (and excessive) examples of the candlemaker’s craft we have seen (and owned) and our own Lovecraftian Ceiling Tentacles, due back in the main store this week. You might be needing some spooky decorations this time of year…

This season’s Twisted Hunt goes through our main store at Mauna Waipi’o and continues through September 30.  Hunters new to Twisted need to be aware that it has a reputation as the most difficult hunt on the Grid. We recommend reading the information on their blog.


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