Holiday Table Gifts

Spyralle Holiday Table Decoration Set - Candy Cane

Spyralle Holiday Table Decoration Set – Candy Cane – Set #6 at Winter’s Hollow

This holiday season, Spyralle has tucked little gifts for you all over the place! I’ve made a series of holiday tableware and placed mini-sets at every event and hunt in which Spyralle has participated this December.

Some hunts and events charge a small fee or require you to be a member of the event group. Also, please check the dates for these events on the posters in our two stores. Not all of them stay open until the end of the month. We can’t guarantee these sets will be available elsewhere this season.

Spyralle Holiday Dessert Set - Candy Cane = Set #1

Spyralle Holiday Dessert Set – Candy Cane = Set #1

We began with Candy Cane Hunt 10. Spyralle Mauna Waipi’o is a stop on the hunt, and this is our prize: a mug and saucer and a salad/dessert plate. This is a 2L hunt. Please click the kiosk near the store entrance for information. Our hint giver is there, too.

The Candy Cane Hunt ends December 25, and these prizes poof at the end of the hunt, so don’t put it off.

Spyralle Holiday Cream & Sugar Set - Candy Cane - Set #2

Spyralle Holiday Cream & Sugar Set – Candy Cane – Set #2

The Cream and Sugar Set #2 is our prize in the 11th annual Peace On Earth Hunt. This hunt also goes through our Mauna Waipi’o store. There is a hint giver near the entrance, but be prepared to climb stairs!

Spyralle Holiday Teapot - Candy Cane - Set #3

Spyralle Holiday Teapot – Candy Cane – Set #3

Gift #3 is located at a special winter event, Dandelion Winterdreams Factory. Hunt for filled Christmas stockings in this event’s mini-hunt.

Spyralle Holiday Bowl Set - Candy Cane - Set #4

Spyralle Holiday Bowl Set – Candy Cane – Set #4

You’re going to have to hunt for this one, too! At Mieville’s North Pole event, pick up one of the free Gumdrop Hunt HUDs and hunt for the magic gumdrops. When you click on a gumdrop – if you’re wearing the HUD – you get points you can exchange for gifts or use for activities. You need 15 points for our Set #4, which you will receive when you trade in your points at Spyralle’s little shop inside a big cupcake.

Spyralle Holiday Plate Set - Candy Cane - Set #5

Spyralle Holiday Plate Set – Candy Cane – Set #5

The Candy Cane dinner plate comes in two versions – one on a coordinating display stand and one ready for your table. This set is a gift in Spyralle’s booth at Redeux December, where every shop provides a free gift. You need to be a member of the Redeux VIP group, but it is free to join.

Redeux, which opened December 14, is a discount event where everything has a special price – down to 50L, 35L, 30L and even 25L!  And there are gachas! So give yourself time to take a look around. And do not delay! The event is only open for one week.

The picture at the top is our Set #6, which you can find in the mini-hunt at the Winter’s Hollow event, open December 14-31.  Winter’s Hollow has a slightly spooky take on the season, celebrating winter darkness and the promise of light returning. For the event, Spyralle has released a new exclusive we absolutely love! It will be in an upcoming post.

Spyralle Holiday Wine Set - Candy Cane - Set #7

Spyralle Holiday Wine Set – Candy Cane – Set #7

This most recent Candy Cane tableware set to date is – so appropriately – under the Christmas tree at Fallen Gods. The set includes a carafe and two styles of wine glass – a traditional footed goblet and the more trendy Sonoma County tumbler style. They’re copy, so you can set out as many as you need for your party.

Will there be more pieces in the series? It is possible. Notice will be given in the Spyralle Studio group and through our subscriber.

All the meshes and textures are original work by Kerryth Tarantal. The textures feature an original fractal image by Kerryth. Please use advanced lighting in your viewer to let our pottery shine. Some pieces can be unlinked and rearranged to suit your decorating needs.

We wish you a warm, safe and happy Holiday Season and a Merry Christmas!

New Additions!

Two more items have been added to the Candy Cane series.

Spyralle Holiday Candlestick #2

Candlestick #2 goes with Set #6

This is an addition to Set #6 at Winter’s Hollow. This one is not in the hunt but under the gift tree for anyone to find, and it’s free! This is a most versatile set for arrangements. Here is one example.

Sample Holiday Arrangement by Spyralle

With flowers instead of candy canes and holly, you could decorate for Valentine’s Day!

I thought this was winding down, but no. The Xmas Fair opened today, and … we have Gift #8! The fair is presented by the 30L Saturday group, so it’s full of the kind of deals you find on 30L Saturday, all in one location – and a gift in each booth.

Spyralle Holiday Footed Serving Bowl - Candy Cane

Gift #8 – Holiday Candy Cane Serving Bowl

The Xmas Fair is open until January 2.

Happy Holidays!

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