Sybil, Seer – Star and Stone

Sybil in the Stars

Sybil in the Stars

Inspired by ancient petroglyphs from around the world, Spyralle’s new dress Sybil speaks of the fascination our ancestors felt at the grandeur and mystery of the natural world.  Sybil made her debut at the the Spoonful of Sugar Festival late in 2018. She has now returned in new hues to the Medieval Fantasy Fair.

Spyralle Sybil Marshland

Spyralle Sybil – Marshland : Water birds, turtles, frogs

Each color of Sybil represents a face of stone tinted in the colors of a type of natural landscape – contrasted with fine suede leather and gold or silver studs. Here, the vivid greens and blues of a burgeoning spring in the meadows and pools of the marshes make a backdrop for long-legged wetland birds carved in limestone. Sybil Marshlands is a 100% Relay for Life donation at the Fair.

Spyralle Sybil - Plains

Spyralle Sybil – Plains : Horses, bison, kangaroos, antelope

Each color of Sybil comes in two versions – one with the petroglyphs and one with plain stone. Each color has a different frieze of carved or painted images, drawn from prehistoric art. The stone textures are original fractal images in the Owl Moon category which have been filter processed, retaining the colors of the original fractals.

Spyralle Sybil - Forest

Spyralle Sybil – Forest : Bears, deer, rabbits

Marshlands, Plains and Forest are the three new colors at Medieval Fantasy Fair. Sybil is sized to fit five popular mesh bodies. All sizes are included. Please try the demo.

The original colors of Sybil, shown below, are now available Spyralle’s satellite store at Park Place Home.

Spyralle Sybil - Dreaming

Spyralle Sybil – Dreaming : Star charts of Orion, the Pleiades, Leo, Ursa Major

Spyralle Sybil - Ocean

Spyralle Sybil – Ocean : Whales, fish, crustaceans

Spyralle Sybil - Sky

Spyralle Sybil – Sky : Birds of prey

Spyralle Sybil - Campfire

Spyralle Sybil – Campfire : Musicians

Spyralle Sybil - Underworld

Spyralle Sybil – Underworld : Pele speaks!

Spyralle Sybil - Campfire

Spyralle Sybil – Desert : Lizards, snakes, wallabies, owls

Spyralle Sybil - Twilight

Spyralle Sybil – Twilight : Dancers celebrate Moon and Stars

The model wears the Lara body by Maitreya with custom shapes and Victoria hair from Wasabi Pills. Marshlands, Forest, Plains, Dreaming and Underworld are shown with the Noelle bento head from LAQ and Hailey Gen2 F3 skin from Soul. Ocean, Sky, Campfire, Desert and Twilight are shown with the Rain bento head from LAQ and LAQ’s Valentine skin in Tone 2. Eyes in the first picture are Fallen Gods’ Glowing Eyes; all other eyes by IKON.




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