Steam Me Up

Spyralle Retro Rocket Wall Lamp

Spyralle Retro Rocket Wall Lamp

Steam Hunt XIV (March 1 – 31) is a free, themed hunt presented by Historical Hunts, Ltd. Spyralle participates in most HHL hunts and recommends them heartily – for the themes, the prizes, the community and the fun – which usually includes a themed event with games, rides and shopping in one of the Mieville regions.

This year, HHL presents a grand Steam Exposition, welcoming to all. Spyralle has placed some of our favorite original creations in the Exposition, including major updates to several of our most popular past releases. The link takes you to the start of the hunt and entrance to the Expo

The hunt theme this year is “Steam Me Up” – a wink of the eye toward a fan favorite from popular culture of the last 50+ years (you can probably guess!) and an opportunity to imagine interstellar travel in the steampunk genre. Averaging things out, this places us more or less in Buck Rogers territory. Spyralle is happy to oblige!

Shown above is our Steam Hunt prize, which intrepid hunters can find at Spyralle’s main store. Collect a hint from the hunt poster at Spyralle’s main store entrance.  For our mesh and textures by Kerryth Tarantal and scripting by Tailahr Winnikow.

At the Exposition, if you make your way out of the entry room and down the stairs, you can find the Spyralle booth if you get down to the lower level of shops – fly or take the elevator.

Spyralle booth at Steam Exposition, March 2019

Spyralle at Steam Exposition, March 2019

This photo shows the two updates I’m so happy to have completed. The Orrery Jewel version of our Victorian Walking Jacket now includes sizes for popular mesh bodies – and now that it has reached this stage, there’s a possibility of other Orrery fractal patterns in a future release of the jacket, either in the Park Place shop or on Marketplace.

Our first Orrery fractal creation was the Steampunk table, weighing in at 26 prims. Here it is – all mesh and down to TWO land impact.  The Orrery table will proceed in two directions from here – restoring the other original colors in this original design and a complete revision with a new base and moving parts. Stay tuned!

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