Song of Memory – Fantasy Faire 2019

Photo of 'Song of Memory' Wordling art installation by Kerryth Tarantal, Fantasy Faire 2019

Song of Memory – Worldling by Kerryth Tarantal, Fantasy Faire 2019

Once there was a being of crystal
Who delighted in creatures and growing things
Flashing wing and glowing flower
He made a garden

Once there was a woman of flesh
Her delight was sparkling gems
Shining materials from the earth
She crafted jewels

Spyralle's Glass Harp, original creation released at Fantasy Faire 2019, to benefit Relay for Life

Spyralle Glass Harp from Song of Memory – Donation to Relay for Life 2019

They met in the garden and fell in love
And sang joyfully together
Wind and water, chime and flute

But her life passed as a brief season
In his long count of days
She grew old and died before his eyes

Spyralle's Crystal Heart Arch Fantasy Faire Release

Spyralle Crystal Heart Arch – Exclusive to Fantasy Faire 2019, proceeds donated to Relay for Life

The song he composed in her memory
took five thousand years to play

Spyralle's Spiral Trees with Crystal Pendant Lanterns - Fantasy Faire 2019

Spyralle Spiral Trees – Set of Four

It is an honor and a delight to be a region sponsor for Fantasy Faire 2019, open through 5 May in Second Life. For many of us who participate in the Faire, this annual event benefiting Relay for Life for the American Cancer Society is one of the most meaningful things we do in our virtual world. It has been my goal for years to be able to sponsor a region, and I am especially happy that Spyralle is sponsoring Urafiki, the home of One Team, a consortium of RFL teams working together in partnership with the Faire.  Fantasy Faire has already raised over $60,000 USD this year, and it is not over yet!  You can find out more about Fantasy Faire here.

It is also a joy to be one of the designers creating a Worldling, a “postcard” version of a Fantasy Faire world that might come to be in the future. My Worldling is called Song of Memory. The story is quoted above. You can see at in the Worldling Cradle at the Fairelands Junction.

My Song of Memory story is the inspiration for the Glass Harp and the Crystal Heart Arch, Spyralle’s new Fantasy Faire exclusives, sold to benefit Relay for Life.  The Worldling also includes the spiral trees from Spyralle’s ongoing Glass Garden project, first seen in my art build at last year’s SL Birthday celebration. These are now for sale for the first time, available singly or as a set.  Also available for the first time are the iridescent Glass Topiaries, which also appeared at SL15B.

Spyrall Glass Topiaries Set - Iriidescent Pale

Spyrall Glass Topiaries Set – Iridescent Pale

All of Spyralle’s Fantasy Faire offerings can be found in our shop in the Midas sim of the Faire, designed by Alia Baroque and sponsored by Fallen Gods, Inc. It is a fantastic place – like walking in a dream – which is true of every Fantasy Faire region. I urge you to go, explore, walk these dreams, and donate if you can. Thank you for supporting Relay for Life!

Spyralle's Silent Auction donation for Fantasy Faire

Spyralle’s Glass Harp in Alabaster and Gold – One of a Kind version for the Fantasy Faire Silent Auction

Spyralle Set of Crystal Lamps – Menu Version. These have more options than the basic lamps that come with the Spiral Trees.

Spyralle Pair of Heart Lamps – Menu Version. This version has more options than the hearts that come with the arch. Available separately.

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