World Tour: Australia

Spyralle Pair of Carved Lizards - Prize for World Tour Hunt 2019

Spyralle Pair of Carved Lizards – World Tour Hunt

Once upon a time I was fortunate to spend some years living in Australia and then, about 8 years later, go again to stay for several months.  Those were wonderfully happy times that had a lasting impact on my life, especially creatively. Two things influenced me deeply – the landscapes and the art.

In spite of a limited budget, we were able to collect a bit of indigenous art from local galleries, including several small carved animals.  My favorite is a lizard with a surface design created by wood-burning. It is about the size of my hand and has an alert, curious personality, watching everything from its special shelf.

Lizard (yes, its name is Lizard) is the inspiration for the two carved lizards I created as Spyralle’s prize in this year’s World Tour Hunt, presented by Kastle.  Spyralle is a stop on the Australia – Antarctica – South America tour, and you can find out more by touching the hunt poster at the entrance to Spyralle on Mauna Waipio. Prizes are 3L each.

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