Spring Floats In

Spyralle Floating Iris Lamps for We Love Role Play event May

Spyralle Iris Floating Lamps – Set of Five Colors

Released as Spyralle’s exclusive creation for the May round of We Love Role Play, our iris lamps bring a little magic into your spring decor. And some of us need it! Spring came late this year where I live – barely a leaf or flower to be seen until a week ago, and snow is still on the ground not far away.

Shown above is the pack of five colors, including the Peach, which is a bonus available only in the set.

Spyralle Iris Floating Lamp – Purple-White

The iris lamps are scripted to turn on with a touch, floating slowly around their initial position, dropping little stars and shedding a gentle light. Touch again to turn them off, but give them a minute to finish drifting and return “home.”

Spyralle Iris Floating Lamp – Yellow-White

Spyralle Iris Floating Lamp – Pink

Although the scripts are not modifiable, you can edit the lamps to resize them when rezzed. We recommend only small changes, as the scripts are sensitive to the size of the object. And, of course, keep a back up copy in your inventory.

Spyralle Iris Floating Lamp – Blue


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