Adieu to Park Place Home

Poster for Spyralle moving sale 2019

Spyralle Moving Sale May 17-31 2019

And Park Place has been a wonderful home!

After almost ten years’ operation at Park Place, Spyralle is consolidating to our main store region of Mauna Waipio, which opened in January of 2018.  Spyralle Park Place will close at the end of May. Until May 31 everything at Spyralle Park Place is on sale for 50% off. After that, most items at Park Place will move to Marketplace or be retired. Jewelry and hats will move to a new section of the main store.

This move was always part of the plan. I realized two years ago that Spyralle was changing direction, and the new main store at Mauna Waipio reflects that shift. Yet, older products remained popular, and it was hard to give up the home gallery with “swirly purple” art nouveau fractal walls and stained glass ceiling. People loved it, and they said so. I loved it. So, we stayed a lot longer than I expected.

But the time has come to take the next step. Keeping two such different venues current has been much too time consuming to allow doing justice to both. It makes more sense to pull everything together and focus on one place, embracing our evolutionary changes.

It is truly sad to leave the place that nurtured Spyralle’s growth for such a long time, almost since the beginning. Deanne Dufaux, owner of Park Place, has been the best of hosts and remains a dear friend. I will always be grateful for her support and comradeship.

Many thanks to all who have visited, shopped at, hunted at, gone afk at, been baffled by Spyralle Park Place over the years! We hope you stay with us on this adventure, as we finally move all the way over to our new home, our “mountain of curved waters” – Mauna Waipi’o.

To celebrate our changes, there is a gift for all visitors to Spyralle Park Place during the sale!  Commemorating Spyralle’s earliest phase as a gallery of fractal art called Kerryth Tarantal Studio, I have pulled out of my archive an unpublished fractal to create a piece of wall art, matted and framed for your home. Pick up your copy at Spyralle Park Place until May 31.

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