Silk Road Ten & Lanterns in the Garden

Spyralle Glass Leaf Spiral Bonsai hunt prize picture

Spyralle Glass Leaf Spiral Bonsai

One of my oldest personal traditions in Second Life is participating in hunts, first as a hunter back in my earliest days, and, soon after that, as a prize-maker myself. I still work with a handful of hunt organizations that have become community over the years, and one of my favorites is Mieville’s Historical Hunts, Ltd., originator of the Steam Hunt, the Renaissance Hunt and the Silk Road Hunt – three that encourage creativity, fun and a little bit of research, if you want to get the most out of them.

Shown above is Spyralle’s prize for this year’s Silk Road Hunt, the tenth, or Silk Road X. (Long running hunts seem to go to Roman numerals after about year 8…).  Silk Road celebrates the flow of goods, ideas and culture along ancient trade routes. There is a different sub-theme every year – this year, Japan: “Shoguns and Samurai”. My Spiral Bonsai adapts the Spyralle Glass Garden themes to the very old Japanese art form of cultivating miniature trees. The planter is custom made from Spyralle’s Haze Pottery line. To get your prize from Spyralle, you must come to our store location and figure out the hint at the entrance. Good Luck!

The Silk Road Hunt starts in a Japanese garden scattered with merchant stalls. The garden is also the site of the latest Mieville event fun activity, the Lucky Lantern Game. You pick up a free HUD near the landing point and wear it while hunting lanterns that appear and disappear around the market.  Clicking lanterns gives you points you can spend on prizes. I made a prize for the game, too.

Spyralle Paper Lanterns prize in the Lucky Lantern game at Mieville's Asian Market

Spyralle Paper Lanterns

There are, of course, dozens of pre-made globe-shaped paper lanterns one can buy full perm, but I was not content with any of them, so I made my own new mesh, just for fun. These are not the lanterns you will be looking for in the game. See  the instructions that come with your HUD.

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