Echo Lake

Spyralle Haze Pottery Wine Set - 'Echo Lake'

Spyralle Haze Pottery Wine Set – ‘Echo Lake’ – Peace by Peace Hunt 3

The set of carafe and four different coordinating wine goblets in the Haze Pottery series is Spyralle’s prize in the Peace by Peace Hunt 3, now in progress. Touch the poster at Spyralle’s entrance for information. Touch the puzzle piece on the poster for a hint.

The wine set is the second item in a new Haze Pottery color series, “Echo Lake”. The first was the container for our Spiral Bonsai.

It has been pointed out to me that there must be a frustrated would-be potter within my soul. It’s quite true that the pottery stalls are the ones that draw me first at craft fairs. Also true that my house contains rather many hand made bowls, mugs, plates, tiles, ceramic sculptures and other things made from fired clay. So it was probably inevitable that I would eventually take up this art, in some form. Mesh can be quite as malleable as clay and much less messy, not to mention taking up less space and equipment.

Last year I discovered something I found very exciting.  It is process that changes fractal images into something that looks just like pottery glaze – with color variations, speckles, streaks, all the serendipitous effects that emerge from the kiln. I had been making “pottery” in mesh for a while – small “palate cleansing” projects to clear my head between the bigger ones. I had even released a few, like this one (scroll down) for the 2017 Candy Cane Hunt,  this one for the 2018 World Tour Hunt, or the plate shown below, which was a prize in the hunt game at Mieville’s Haunted Santa Fe.

Spyralle Homage to Maria Pottery Plate with Stand

Spyralle Homage to Maria Pottery Plate with Stand

It was about that time that I made the breakthrough with the “soda fired pottery” fractals and started playing with the textures. A limited gacha release of the first four Haze Pottery colors – Ocean, Tidepool, Beach and Woodland – came along in November, 2018. It is now available again for a limited time (through 30 June) in the gacha pavilion at Twisted’s Jackson Square event, proceeds to Relay for Life.

Spyralle Craft Gallery 1 Haze Pottery KEY

Spyralle Craft Gallery 1 Haze Pottery KEY

The gacha items are transfer/no copy, so you will have to be patient if you are collecting a color or enough place settings, but they also go together beautifully as mix and match pieces on your relaxed summer table.

The next stage was the application of fractals outright without extra processing in the Holiday Tableware series in December.  All of the Candy Cane series were released as event gifts or hunt prizes, and that was kind of fun. So we’re doing it again, in a more scattered way this summer with the new ‘Echo Lake.’

Here is the third Echo Lake release, a mug and saucer set you can pick up for 5L in the event mini-hunt at Midsummer Enchantment.

Spyralle Haze Pottery Mug & Saucer - 'Echo Lake 1'

Spyralle Haze Pottery Mug & Saucer – ‘Echo Lake 1’

More Echo Lake will be released during the summer and probably into the fall – on no particular schedule. These pieces are not appropriate for every hunt, but I will try to cover all the existing models eventually and probably a few new ones.

It’s kind of strange. As simple as these projects are (though I fuss for hours over the glaze and getting everything to match), there is something deeply satisfying about making these pieces, quite different from the process of making wearables and larger rezzables. These virtual ceramics have, for me, something of the earthy wholeness and simple beauty of pottery in the physical world, plus a freedom in the texturing that is not often an option in other types of projects.

When I release more Echo Lake sets, I will add them to this post. I hope they lend color to your summer.


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