Echo Lake II

pyralle Washstand with Echo Lake Set Poster in Caribbean Adventure Hunt

Spyralle Washstand with Echo Lake Set

Spyralle’s Echo Lake series from our Haze Pottery takes a historical turn this season in two popular hunts! Though the glaze style is modern, the form is traditional in the pitcher and bowl washstand set that comes with a colonial style washstand. All these pieces are in Spyralle’s prize package for the Caribbean Adventure Hunt which ends September 18. This 3L hunt is presented by Kastle Hunts. Click the kiosk at our store entrance for more information. There’s a hint there, too!

Spyralle Draconis Pedestal with Renaissance Vase

Spyralle Draconis Pedestal with Renaissance Vase

Next, Echo Lake goes Renaissance style in an urn-style gilded vase that comes with its own marble pedestal. The hunt theme is “Here Be Dragons.” Appropriately, the fractal panels of the pedestal are embellished with schematic depictions of the constellation Draco, the Dragon. The annual Renaissance Hunt, presented by Historical Hunts, Ltd., is a free hunt. See the poster at our store entrance for more information and a hint. There is also help to be found in the hunt group.

Spyralle Haze Pottery Sugar & Cream Set - Echo Lake

Spyralle Haze Pottery Sugar & Cream Set – Echo Lake

Echo Lake’s next appearance takes a slightly more mundane form – and yet the setting is adventurous. The Spoonful of Sugar Festival, which has become an annual – and highly successful – fundraising effort for Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders), opens September 14 in a gorgeous Moroccan themed desert setting, covering four regions. You can learn about the vital work MSF does by following an engrossing path through the recreation of a refugee camp with MSF medical facilities on the headquarters region of the event.

Spyralle’s Spoonful of Sugar booth is on Shopping Sim 1 at the Festival. We’ll show your our exclusives in an upcoming post, but first … One part of the Spoonful of Sugar Festival is the Sugar Bowl hunt, offered by merchants in the three shopping areas.  Each Sugar Bowl prize costs 10L, with all proceeds going to MSF. Spyralle’s prize is the Echo Lake sugar bowl shown above, which comes with the matching cream pitcher and condiment tray, also shown.

You might ask, will there be an Echo Lake teapot? Yes, but not in this event. Subscribe to our notices or  join the Spyralle Studio group for news of future Echo Lake releases.  The series will continue in hunt prizes, event gifts and similar promotional activities through the rest of this year. During this phase, Echo Lake items will be free or very low cost, not over 25L. After this promotional period, items may be for sale later at retail prices in our Mauna Waipi’o store.

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