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Spyralle 'The Welcome' Totem Sculpture

Spyralle’s ‘The Welcome’

Doesn’t it make you eager to walk right in? ‘The Welcome’ is the newest of Spyralle’s series of totem figures made of natural materials and found objects that arrived first at the We ❤ Role Play event in April. And…I am shocked to discover I never blogged about them. (I blame Fantasy Faire, but never mind that…) It was even more surprising to find out that the first group, ‘The Warnings’, is one of the most popular things I’ve ever made. People have been pleading for more. This one is Free … IF you can find it in the current Twisted Hunt, ongoing through September 30.

Spyralle 'The Warnings' Marker Totems Set

Spyralle ‘The Warnings’ Marker Totems Set

Here they are, these bad boys and girls! (You get to decide which is which. Or not.) Meet, from left to right, Naf, Chi, Wog and Ook. They’re meant to be posted around the perimeter of your property to warn off hostile entities trying to cross your borders. You can copy them and make whole armies!

They also make terrific party decorations, I am informed. I have even seen them used as dance machines! You would have to add your own scripts and animations for that; they’re modifiable. As delivered, these guys don’t actually do anything but stand there looking gorgeous … er, formidable. You could post little ones around your cookie jar!

People have been asking when they are going to show up at Spyralle. I had a notion of waiting until I had a few more ready to go, but I took an extended low tech vacation, and then things got busy, so it has been too long.

But you can find them right now at the Spoonful of Sugar event! They’re guarding my shop there, and you can walk off with your own Warning, either individually or the discounted set of all four.

And please watch Spyralle notices for announcements of additions to the flock or herd or horde. There will definitely be more, and their cousins. I have such a soft spot for googly eyes…

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